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Connecting Purpose with Action for Peak Performance

Work with Johanna Herbst

Get to know Johanna Herbst

Principal Management Consultant | Executive & Career Coach | Podcaster | Motivational Speaker 


I blend energy, compassion, and positivity into every venture. My strengths lie in curiosity, communication, and empathy.


As an experienced principal management consultant, I excel in guiding teams through complex projects, demonstrating a strong focus on effective leadership, project management, and program management. My approach centers on leading (virtual) projects with team members located globally, ensuring seamless coordination and achievement of project milestones. I am adept at integrating a coaching mindset into my consulting practice, fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration. My commitment to leadership is further exemplified by my ability to create an environment that values open communication, enabling teams to perform at their highest potential.

As an executive and career coach, I guide top management and senior leaders in diverse industries to tap into their full potential and reach their professional goals. Most coaching journeys start with finding my clients' ‘why’ and core values since honoring them is the secret sauce to living a fulfilled life.

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Hosting the podcast 'Reaching Your Goals,' I engage in insightful conversations with business leaders, academics, and experts on leadership and career topics. With listeners in over 100 countries, this platform has enabled me to absorb wisdom from renowned experts and stay on top of leadership trends.


Additionally, I contribute as a workshop moderator and public speaker, focusing on empathetic leadership, purpose, and diversity.

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To sum it up, I have over 18 years of international experience in management consulting, coaching, entrepreneurship, and corporate finance. I graduated with an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and am trained as a certified coach. In every endeavor, I support my clients in connecting purpose with action and reaching their professional goals.

"You need to know your destination (your why or purpose) to walk in the right direction. If you run without any directions, you might get lucky or, more likely, end up with regrets about all the efforts you put into something that doesn't mean anything to you."

- Johanna Herbst

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