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Find your Why.
Define your Impact.
Reach your Goals.

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Get to know Johanna Herbst

Executive & Career Coach | Podcaster | Motivational Speaker | Leadership Trainer 

Johanna Herbst is a certified executive and career coach, podcast host, motivational speaker and founder of Delygate
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As the founder and executive & career coach at Delygate, I help top management, senior leaders, and other key players across industries tap into their full potential and get on a path towards success. With 15+ years of international experience in coaching, management consulting, entrepreneurship, and corporate finance, I have the expertise and skills to support my clients in achieving their professional and personal goals. I also have an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and am trained as a certified coach.

I also host the “Reaching your Goals” podcast, where I interview inspiring individuals on various career and business topics. In addition, I offer leadership and personal growth training programs to my corporate clients.


My mission is to move organizations and individuals forward by creating the conditions for confidence, focus, and fulfillment.


Whether you are looking for an executive or career coach, a leadership trainer, or a motivational speaker, I am here to help you make things happen with lots of energy, compassion, and a smile.

I coach in English and German and work with my clients around the world virtually.  

"You need to know your destination (aka your why or purpose) to walk in the right direction. If you run without any directions, you might get lucky or, more likely, end up with regrets about all the efforts you put into something that doesn't mean anything to you."

- Johanna Herbst

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