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Connecting Purpose with Action for Peak Performance

Mastering Project and Program Management, Enhancing Team Dynamics, and Cultivating Effective Communication for Transformative Results

Why work with Johanna Herbst?


A Leader Who Inspires and Delivers: Johanna Herbst is more than just a principal management consultant; she is a leader who believes in the power of connecting purpose with action. Her approach is not just about reaching targets but about creating peak performance cultures where teams are empowered, visions are realized, and organizational goals are exceeded.

  • Proven Leadership in Diverse Industries: With 18 years of professional experience and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, Johanna Herbst stands out as a seasoned leader. Her career spans a decade of successfully leading projects and programs. Her journey as a management consultant is marked by a trail of success across various sectors such as FMCG, Finance, Insurance, Automotive, Logistics, Media, and Energy. Her ability to adapt and excel in these diverse environments showcases not just her versatility but her deep understanding of different industry dynamics.

  • Innovative Consulting Methodology: Johanna's unique integration of a coaching style into her management approach sets her apart. This strategy has proven effective in nurturing a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and inclusive leadership, fostering environments where ideas thrive and projects succeed.

  • Mastery in (Virtual) Project Leadership: In an era where digital transformation is key, Johanna's proficiency in leading virtual projects is unparalleled. She combines the latest in virtual tools with a personal touch, ensuring her teams are not only well-coordinated but also continuously inspired and motivated. Her experience spans across methodologies like waterfall and agile, making her versatile in her approach to project management.

  • Exemplary Communication Skills: Johanna's communication prowess is evident in her ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity, whether in written documents or through engaging and managing large workshop groups. Her skill in this area is especially crucial in her role as a team leader, where she ensures that every team member is aligned, informed, and motivated.​

  • Unique Leadership Style: What truly sets Johanna apart is her vibrant personality - her sense of humor and boundless energy not only engage but also uplift her teams. She possesses a remarkable ability to maintain focus on what's crucial, ensuring that goals are not just set but achieved, fostering a culture of accomplishment and progress.​

Working with the Best Clients

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